I am crushing over TANGERINE & MUSTARD (with the occasional berry maroon and aqua blue lust as well).

Here are three exapmles of CHEAP CHIC!

SHOES: On Sale at TEMT – $9.99


SKATER DRESS: EBAY – $30 (incl. postage)



Liz x


Quickie Post!! – Books

Just wanted to upload a pic or two of the latest books im reading.
One is a cookbook/diet book called
“James Duigan – Clean & Lean Diet & Cookbook”

James is a personal trainer and owns and runs a couple of gyms, he also coined the term “Clean & Lean” and uses it as his ‘mantra’ i guess you could say. He has trained and worked with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Hugh Grant & Elle McPherson on workouts and their nutrition.
I gotta admit it is a little self indulgent with all the photos being wither of himself and his stunning wife or of the food you can cook. And there is ALOT of talk about the above three stars and ‘what the’re really like’.
But all in all it has great recipes and not only are they super healthy, they are also super yummy!! Husband is taking part in a weight loss challenge through his work so he is training 5 days a week and eating super healthy, so i figured just cause he is eating healthy doesnt mean we have to eat tastless food. We have tried a few already and they have been yummo. Really looking forward to trying some of the “cheat” desserts!

The other book was given to me last week by good friend Ri from The Last Doll Standing, its called “The Brain That Healed Itself by Norman Doidge, MD.

Already, after only 13 pages in, Im compelled to read and learn more. Its “stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science” written by Doidge as he encounters them and researches the marvel that is the brain. It truelly is interesting. Our body’s are SO complex and brilliant and the brain is the one that runs us all.

The book has been well read and thumbed already, with paragraphs highlighted, aster ix and underlined….which to me means it was very well enjoyed.



Liz x

A Girls First Valentine…Her Dad…

When I think about my Husband and his personality and some of his traits, it really proves to me that ol’ Wives Tale is really true….”We marry our ‘Fathers'”.
Ofcourse we dont really…that would be weird and gross. But its funny how we sometimes pick guys who have similar traits to our Dads.
My Hubby certainly does!! In so many ways, especially as he is getting older!
But then again i also think that guys are all fairly similar, what makes them tick and be guys runs through pretty much all of them….That whole Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus thing…

Anyway, My little Girl Adores her Daddy and I wouldnt want it any other way!
Yesterday for Valentines Day I cut out a big pink heart shape out of card and some smaller darker pink heart shapes and let Little Miss Almost 3 go nuts with her paints.
She had just woken up and the normally bursting at the seems to do crafts kinda girl could not have been more disinterested!!
So i had to coax her along until she found her rhythm, her painting mojo. Didnt take long.
When Daddy got home she was super excited to give him his present and the cutes thing was her trying to say “Happy Valentines Day Daddy”.
It sounded more like this “Happy Havbelentineses Day Daddy”

Here is her work of art for her First Love, her Daddy.


A Sizable Issue.

YES, Finally someone in the media acknowledged the “skinny girl’s, yet still not ‘perfect’ plight”!

Read the above article, then come back and rad this…..
I dont have any boobs, diddly squat. I had some, around a B cup, but I lost them all when i finished breastfeeding my child.
When i gain weight it goes to my tummy and my thighs, not my boobs, not my butt, i dont have womanly curves, i am a rectangle, with some awkward edges, u take my clothes off and i look like a 12 yr old boy, that is NOT sexy!!!
Im lanky, I have “angles” not curves…..
Tops are all made to fit a womans boobs, i dont have any, so there are LOTS of tops i cant wear as they all gape and are loose in the top.
Dresses dont fit under the arms and gape under there too.
I avoid ALOT of amazing fashion as it GAPES!
Yes, I have long legs, which i do love ,but this also means alot of “long” pants arent long enough, mid length shorts are actually short shorts on me, and short shorts are underpants on me.
No more high waisted stuff for me (love it though) and my other favourite thing, jumpsuits, playsuits, onesies etc, i cant wear coz they all are elasticated etc at the waist, which is in a completely different spot for me. I now live vicariously through my daughter, in her short 3 yr old life has and does own 5 sets of “playsuits”.
I find it terribly difficult to find a bra to fit, even though i dont actually need one as i literally have no boobs, i just have nipples stuck on the skin over my rib cage.
Oh and dont even get me started on Maternity clothing and bras. I didnt buy a single item of maternity clothing while pregnant as nothing came in a size 8, barely anything in a size 10, it was baby doll & maxi dresses from “normal” ranges for me. Which is fine, it was ALOT cheaper. It was only 3 days after I gave birth when i had the massive rush of breastmilk fill my boozies that i had to buy a maternity bra and wasnt that an experiance, trying to find a Maternity bra in a size 8-10 but with a D Cup…yeah kind of impossible. I ended up finding two, and they were the only two i wore while breastfeeding for over 6 months!
And then i kind of felt like a bit of a porn star as yes i was skinny, but with big boobs jumping out of my top, they were big, and round and hard, just like fake ones. I really had to think about the clothes & tops I wore and for a time found myself really getting my “frumpy Nanna” on, just to not look like I was up for it.

I am ALL for acknowledging ALL shapes and sizes, that we are ALL different, no one really looks like Hollywood’s and the media’s reprensentation of “perfect” unless surgically or digitally altered.
I love seeing women with curves rocking a fitted, waisted, A line dress and heels! Just like my Sister In Law on Wednesday, she looked STUNNING!
I also love seeing a woman rocking her Lorna Jane gym gear and hitting the payvment hard for a run! No matter what her size.
I Also very much love seeing women dress for THEIR shape and size. You just gotta know what to look for and what works on your shape.

Anyways, think I got that off my chest.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue about ALL womens shapes and the silly disillusion by the Media. But i think discussions and blog posts like this one and the slight turn in rulings against major media and advertising showing campaigns of excessively air brushed images is GREAT! and should be more of it.
Yes its nice to have beautiful images to aspire to, but naturally beautiful images, not plastic or fake or airbrushed. Wrinkles mean you have lived, Curves mean your Mumma gave them to you or you have really enjoyed some yummo food and wines! What matters is how YOU feel about yourself, that you are living a HEALTHY, FULFILLED and HAPPY life.

Here is the link to the MamaMia blog post again that got me worked up and Air Fiving coz someone else out there was a bit like me.

Thank You Nicole Madigan-Everest for pointing out another womans shapely ( or lack of!) issue.


Liz Joyxox