A Girls First Valentine…Her Dad…

When I think about my Husband and his personality and some of his traits, it really proves to me that ol’ Wives Tale is really true….”We marry our ‘Fathers'”.
Ofcourse we dont really…that would be weird and gross. But its funny how we sometimes pick guys who have similar traits to our Dads.
My Hubby certainly does!! In so many ways, especially as he is getting older!
But then again i also think that guys are all fairly similar, what makes them tick and be guys runs through pretty much all of them….That whole Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus thing…

Anyway, My little Girl Adores her Daddy and I wouldnt want it any other way!
Yesterday for Valentines Day I cut out a big pink heart shape out of card and some smaller darker pink heart shapes and let Little Miss Almost 3 go nuts with her paints.
She had just woken up and the normally bursting at the seems to do crafts kinda girl could not have been more disinterested!!
So i had to coax her along until she found her rhythm, her painting mojo. Didnt take long.
When Daddy got home she was super excited to give him his present and the cutes thing was her trying to say “Happy Valentines Day Daddy”.
It sounded more like this “Happy Havbelentineses Day Daddy”

Here is her work of art for her First Love, her Daddy.



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