Taking the plunge

Ok, here goes.
I’m setting myself a challenge.
I reeeeeally want to start blogging more, but I’ve been busy, my blogs not up to my standard for viewing, I don’t have much to write about at the moment, cause I’m so busy…. All those normal excuses.

So I have decided to just bloody start.
My aim is to blog atleast twice a week, Every week, right into the new year and see where it takes me. Part of my blogging journey will be getting my blog all prettied and up to the standard I have in my mind.
I really want to do this!!

And maybe you could help me?
You know, check in on my blog, check on my Facebook page, share a post if you think it worthy of a share…?
At the same time I want to use the opportunity to refresh my other business website and get its blog up and running too.
Elizabeth Joy Bridal is also in need of a spruce up so why not just intertwine this challenge with that page too!?

Ok, I’m feeling motivated and with a clear goal in mind, this is a pretty good start. I’ve always thought (*cheesy quote abead*) you won’t really reach your goals unless you know where your meant to be aiming….

I’m off to shower and get this day started.

Be Cool, Be You.

Liz (TJC) x