Instagram Melbourne Photos

Here are just a couple of photos I took over the weekend, on my iPhone, as we were making our way around Melbourne.









In the words of Taylor Swift, ” It’s exhausting!”.

Like I said, and Taylor Swift said, it’s exhausting.

Hubby and I have moved to Melbourne from Brisbane and are in full swing of searching for a place to rent.
We have had one full proper day of inspections this weekend just gone and I was ready for a scotch and to be put to bed by about midday.

The pictures on the websites of available rentals are always taken with a wide lens and with some trick photography to make them look bigger than they actually are. And the photos are usually a minimum of 5 years old, so there has probably been 4 different tenants living in the place since and every single one of them would not have gotten their bond back (pure speculation ofcourse!?)

It’s so disheartening. It sucks the life out of you!
But we have found one cute little place in Brighton that we will apply for and we will keep looking.

A friend of ours gave us a great tip of adding a cover letter type of document with our applications, even with a photo of ourselves attached, so that if the agents and owners are looking through all the applications, it’s going to help if they can put a face to name and see that we are a wonderful, upstanding small little family who will faithfully look after their property, wanky as all that sounds.
So that’s what I’m doing today, and look at new rentals that hopefully have been added thismorning, right now after this, maybe after I have a cup of tea and a lamington cause Lord knows I need the strength for rental hunting.

Liz x TJC x

Melbourne Bound, Farewell Brisbane

Well, I put it out there, big, exciting changes for 2013, and as per normal, the universe heard and answered.

Husband is in his 4th week of his new job, it’s busy, challenging but he loves it.

My Mum came up from Northern NSW for a week to help look after Miss Almost 4 and to help pack up the house.
I left work, I packed up an entire house in a week and a half and in between that went down to Northern NSW to visit my friends and family down there.
I closed up our house in Brisbane for a final time last Friday night and flew out to Melbourne on the Saturday morning.
I was so busy while packing up as saying farewells I didn’t have any time to feel sad or cry until right as we were about to board and I rang my Mum…. As most girls know, all you have to do is speak to your Mum and the waterworks flow! Anyone else like that!?
Miss Almost Four was great on the plane, she got most upset though when we were sitting on the tarmac for fourty minutes waiting for the plane to take off due to the bad weather.
We flew out of grey skies pouring with rain and into a dry hot glorious heatwave!
I almost knelt down and kissed the burning black tarmac!

And ever since its been hot. And dry.
And I’ve been sunning myself like a lizard every day!

We’ve been to the Brighton Food and Wine festival where Miss Almost Four got her face painted as a pink ‘scary friendly dinosaur’, and the stalls were set up like the colourful beach huts on Brighton beach.
We have been for coast road drives, stopping at whichever beach takes our fancy, taken picnics to parks, out for breakfast at a gorgeous local cafe (in walking distance too, win!) searching for houses to rent and a day in St Kilda walking along the pier and taking in all the sights and local attractions.
Just breathing in everything our area in Melbourne has to offer, in these summer like conditions.

I know it will get cold soon, and autumn will hopefully ease me into winter, and I’m going to get cold, colder than I’ve ever been in my ‘living up north in the heat’ life. But I’m ready for that, kind of… Maybe…?
But while it’s still hot and dry and clear skies, I’m going to make like a tourist and swan around in bikinis!!

Liz x TJC x