Hair Envy/Inspiration

I have quite fine and thin hair, and not much of it.
So I’m forever lusting over naturally long, luscious hair, while trying to embrace what ma Mumma gave me (it’s all her fault).
Luckily the mid length and ‘lob’ styles are on trend right now and seem to be hanging around.

Im a fan of the short pixie crop, and it suits my hair and face shape so every so often after tiring of attempting long-ish hair, I get a rush of frustration and liberation and lob off all my hair.
But for now I will continue to grow my hair, lust after the hair styles in these pics, and make my way to some sort of colour closer to my natural ash blonde with ombré blonde tips….
All before I decide to rival Ginnifer Goodwin again.

P.S: I love you Mum…and I forgive you…. 😉

Liz x TJC x












Flora found

Went walking with my babe to a new playground near by, when living with family before we moved into the new place.

Found these beautiful and interesting plants along the way.
The roses were from one garden, obviously cared for by someones Nanna. Trimmed, manicured, simple, yet very pretty. In that way that makes you appreciate simple pleasures in life.

And another garden that was really interesting, that consisted of a cactus, two olive trees and a gum nut tree (yup, I realise that is not the proper name for it, but hey, I’m a Mummy blogger who has worked in retail, not Bunnings or a garden centre, barely in her own gardens as a matter of fact).

Made for an interesting and informative walk for Dino Girl.
Love exploring our new area.

Liz x TJC x





Settling… Is ok with me right now.

This week is going to be a little crazy.
After a little failed communication (ringing me all friday afternoon but with one wrong number difference) with our potential removals company, the contract for the delivery of all our worldly possessions was quickly signed and paid for yesterday. The removalists arrived at our Brisbane residence where our stuff has been stored thismorning, at 7am.
So, right now all of our things, our bed, all my teas which I’ve been missing, my tea cup collection (which I had to cull and give a whole heap to my parents for them to store, sob!), Isla’s collection of Dinosaur Train Dino’s, our juicer (yes, it is that dear to my heart) and all our photos, are on a truck a d should be setting off on their way to us any minute.
The truck will arrive friday at our new place and we’ll be off! Unpacking and settling in to our new apartment, our new home, in our new city. The next stage of this new adventure.

But, before we move in and unpack, we have to have Isla’s 4th birthday! Which is tomorrow! I know every parent says it, but seriously where did those last four years go!?
My Mother-In-Law and Sister-In-Law have arrived in Melbourne from Brisbane today, to spend a few days here for Miss Fours birthday. We will be exploring the city a bit with them and heading to the Museum, like any good museum, they have some dinosaur skeletons, so Ofcourse it’s the perfect birthday great for Isla! (if your knew to our family, welcome, our daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs and I’m sure will be a genius paleontologist one day, if she ever decides to aspire to be anything other than an actual dinosaur).

Then, yes it continues! Then, on Friday, the same day we move all our stuff into our new apartment, it’s also my husbands birthday!! Two days after Isla’s. He’s essentially still 23, cause the poor guy pretty much hasn’t had a birthday to himself since Dino Girl came along. Oh and last week was our wedding anniversary and my brothers birthday, so by the time we get around to Husbands birthday, we’re bday weary, broke and have probably already celebrated him and his ‘special’ day collectively with Dino Girl. Which we will again do tomorrow night, at our new local pub.
It’s wood fires pizza special night. Your welcome Husband.
So, I’m going to make a cuppa and pull out the princess wrapping paper cause this purple and pink scooter will not wrap itself.

I’ll post photos of the Dino cake I’m making for Dino Girl later in the week, when I have a little time, maybe in May…..

Liz x TJC x