Tuesday Tea Tip

Due to my many years working for T2Tea I have built up quite a well of knowledge and tid bits about tea.

I am definitely not an expert, or a health/medical practitioner or a nutritionist, but I do have a lot of experience brewing, tasting and testing tea and I love it.
So I thought I could share a few tid bits every now and then.
I will endeavour to do a weekly (or atleast very regularly) post about tea and tea associated things.
So here’s my first one!!

Yesterday I was speaking with my Aunty who had decided to stop drinking coffee a few days ago. That is fantastic as coffee is very high in caffeine, which is great for some reasons (like if your a parent and can’t remember what a full nights sleep is like, or, like me, you move to the Australian home of coffee and there is a cafe every few metres everywhere you go). But can be harsh on your system.
At the same time she decided to stop drinking coffee, cold turkey, as they say, she also started to have a few stressors in her life over the next few days.
When you stop drinking coffee your body goes through withdrawals from the lack of caffeine it’s become accustomed to, and goes through some stress of its own.
With external life stressors added on top, my Aunty started to get heart palpitations and racing heartbeat, mild anxiety attacks.
Over the course of the weekend she had three of these and ended up at A&E late one night.
She is all fine now and is learning to breathe through her stress, but I also gave her a TEA TIP I used to give to a lot of my customers and friends:

When giving up anything that is a habit, especially when its a habit or dependency within your body, going “cold turkey” doesnt work for most people and their bodies. It is often too much of a change for your body.
The best and healthiest way that I think to give up coffee is to cut down over time.

Replace a cup of coffee with a cup of tea similar to the way you make your coffee.
Pop into a tea shop and test and trial different flavours and strengths to find one that you like and will drink.

Tea has around half the amount of caffeine as coffee.

So your body will be getting a hit of caffeine, like its used to, just not as much.

If you want to completely get off caffeine all together, you can slowly change from black tea to green and white teas (they only have very small amounts of caffeine), then to herbal and rooibos teas which contain now caffeine at all (rooibos still contains antioxidants though).

By cutting down slowly over time, you won’t be shocking your body into change and it will be easier to cope with. You may also find you sleep a little better too.

Good luck if you are trying to cut down on caffeine and keep sipping!

Liz x TJC x



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