I went on a holiday thismorning…..

And you’ll never guess where!?

The Shower….

Oh yes ladies, I got a completely uninterrupted shower!
From undressing, to drying off – no small person barging in, no husband needing to walk in, ask where something is, then walk back out leaving the door wide open.

I had a shower, all by myself.

It also lasted longer than two minutes.
As mundane as this will sound, and believe me, I know how mundane this will sound, but I think I should give you a run down of what I was able to achieve during my blissful shower thismorning.

As a side note before I start, The day has started out rather nicely too, and has continued to meander along that way as well (I’m partially bracing for the coming chaos that just has to ensue cause we all know this won’t last!).

I woke to Miss Three calling out “Mummy”, but in a sweet, still half sleepy, calm tone, instead of the regular skreech.
She then came into my bed and we had lots of lovely early morning snuggles, “I love you”s, giggles and kisses.
We then ate breakfast, which I ate back in bed with a cuppa, her in front of her cartoons, and then she hopped back into our big bed and we each read our books. Mine being Eat Pray Love, hers being two books about dinosaurs.
Husband had been at a Bucks night at the Gold Coast and when he arrived home at around 11am, I’d still not showered and he found us girls sitting up in bed reading.
While Hubby and Miss Three were hanging out, I took the opportunity to shower, not even considering this would be a special event because let’s face it, it’s just a shower, and while I am grateful I even have the opportunity to shower at all, as I know many don’t, to me, it’s just a normal, regular, every day thing that we just do without thought.

It was while I was shampooing my hair that I decided to bother giving my hair a really good scrub, not just the two second lather and rinse like normal.
I gave my hair the kind of shampoo scrub you get at your hairdressers, where they really massage that shampoo around and awaken the hair follicles, or for whatever reason they do that, and you partially want to fall asleep, or let your leg twitch like a dog’s when your scratch the right spot.

I rinsed and then again massaged in conditioner, leaving it in while shaving my legs, which looked like every other Mums legs in Winter, or just any woman who loves using the excuse of Winter to not have to shave her legs for weeks at a time.

It was about now that I noticed the distinct lack if toddler cries and that the bathroom door was still closed.
I looked at my new pomegranate and coconut exfoliating body wash I’d purchased last week cause it was on sale for $2.50 and in the hopes that one day I might have enough time or a ‘special’ enough occasion to use it.
That day had come.
I thought to myself “id better do this now and quickly before my luck runs out!’.
I remembered that at the time of buying the body wash that was on sale I also bought new exfoliating cloves to use with it. They were still in their packet under the sink. I hopped out, grabbed the gloves and ripped open the packet with such urgency much like the Solo man rips open the can of lemony flavoured fizzy drink and gulps it down, on top of a mountain.

In my head while exfoliating I was rejoicing! “Yes, this is actually happening! I’m exfoliating in between my toes and no one is asking me ‘Mummy what you doing that for?'”.

I scrubbed my whole body, even my back, my knees and elbows…. Im practically an exotic smelling goddess.

I rinsed out the conditioner.
Washed my face again but with a beautiful, very mild, and perfect for my skin tone, exfoliating face wash from Ella Bache that was given to me as a gift at my baby shower (the child is now three, remember) by my Sister in Law, which Hubby is banned from using and is kept up high out of reach from small, sticky fingers.

I stood for a few seconds under the wonderfully warm watered and just breathed.

I’d done it…. But surely they’ll hear me hop out and they will feel inclined to open the door to the cold air while I’m naked and drying myself off?

Nope, I didn’t encounter my little one and Hubby till I was putting clothes on in our bedroom.
And by then I was so zen and blissed out. I felt like I’d been on holiday for a week, like I’d achieved a great goal like qualifying for the Olympics, or something equally as special.
I was so proud and pleased I thought I immediately had to tell the world, to let other Mum’s know it’s possible, rare, but possible, and to inform people who don’t have children that showering and going to the toilet completely on your own is one of life’s greatest achievements as a Mum, just after becoming a mum in the first place, and cooking a meal that the child doesn’t refuse and tip out on the floor….

Hi Fives!!!!

Love Liz x