Quickie Post!! – Books

Just wanted to upload a pic or two of the latest books im reading.
One is a cookbook/diet book called
“James Duigan – Clean & Lean Diet & Cookbook”

James is a personal trainer and owns and runs a couple of gyms, he also coined the term “Clean & Lean” and uses it as his ‘mantra’ i guess you could say. He has trained and worked with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Hugh Grant & Elle McPherson on workouts and their nutrition.
I gotta admit it is a little self indulgent with all the photos being wither of himself and his stunning wife or of the food you can cook. And there is ALOT of talk about the above three stars and ‘what the’re really like’.
But all in all it has great recipes and not only are they super healthy, they are also super yummy!! Husband is taking part in a weight loss challenge through his work so he is training 5 days a week and eating super healthy, so i figured just cause he is eating healthy doesnt mean we have to eat tastless food. We have tried a few already and they have been yummo. Really looking forward to trying some of the “cheat” desserts!

The other book was given to me last week by good friend Ri from The Last Doll Standing, its called “The Brain That Healed Itself by Norman Doidge, MD.

Already, after only 13 pages in, Im compelled to read and learn more. Its “stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science” written by Doidge as he encounters them and researches the marvel that is the brain. It truelly is interesting. Our body’s are SO complex and brilliant and the brain is the one that runs us all.

The book has been well read and thumbed already, with paragraphs highlighted, aster ix and underlined….which to me means it was very well enjoyed.



Liz x


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