Put it out there

It’s a funny thing how the universe sends you signs sometimes.
I have a theory that “deja vu” is the sign you are on the right path, on the right track.
We have just had a busiest three weeks of our families calendar and my head was starting to get clogged up, I was getting anxious, emotional and stressed.
All the events were happy occasions but we were so busy it was all getting too much.
Then i started noticing having a few moments of déjà vu lately.
And then today I had a clear moment of getting a sign from the universe, an answer, an affirmation.

Last night my Husband and I had been watching The Voice, the new reality singing competition on Channel Nine.
I’ve always loves singing since a young age and am pretty good at it. I sing all the time around the house, have sing at a cafe or two, with friends jamming on a guitar, written and come up with countless lyrics and little tunes and sing in the shower ALOT! I tried out for Aus Idol a few years back but I didn’t have the drive to give it my best shot and wasn’t ‘ready’ in my own head, but went along cause I was young and had opportunity and friends urging me on.

But after watching the first few episodes of The Voice, something struck a chord with me (pardon the pun).
I missed singing, being really into singing and having opportunities to sing. I REALLY missed singing lessons. I missed the feeling I get, and the places I go when I sing.

I said, for the first time out loud (cause I have thought it a lot for a long time), that I think I want to go back to singing lessons again.
And My Husband agreed and said to give it a go.

Now I know that may not seem like much of a bold statement, but for me it is. It means so much more than just singing. It represents an individual part of me, and as a Mum, for the first few years, you tend to just naturally lose a lot of what made you YOU. The first year of being a Mum is all about keeping the baby alive, then it’s all about teaching them the basics, setting up a good foundation for them as people, then it’s about teaching them and moulding them into good little people and sending them off to school, then if you have more than one, repeat and do it all again!
Its so easy to just put your likes and hobbies aside, I know I have.

So I had put it out there, i’d said it out loud that I wanted back in to the musical world and to start singing again.
And the universe had heard.
I was at work the next day, doing my spiel at the register that I have to say for work, when I asked, for the 200thousandth time, “have you got one of our loyalty cards, if not, would you like me to sign you up?”
The lovely young last said Yes and I started the sign up process. When I asked for her address she mentioned she would give me her parents address in NSW. I asked if she was up her for study or work and she told me for her work, but she travels a lot for her work as she is an Opera singer and does some acting.
I gushed and blurted out a bunch of praises and mentioned that I had just told my Husband the night before that I wanted to go back to singing lessons myself, but had to start looking for a teacher.
The Universe, in the form of this lovely young woman, gave me a massive high five.
“oh I’ve just started up my own singing teaching studio!”
Huzzah! Of course she had.
She teachers all styles of Singing, not just Opera, but She is just a smidgen too far for me to get to her for lessons, but I mentioned that and she said to still give her a call as she can recommend some singing teachers in my area.
Contact details were exchanged and there you go!
Ive never had such a clear sign from “out there” to do something so specific before.

I think we all have these moments, we are just too busy or caught up in other things that we miss them, or don’t take notice, or just assume its a coincidence. I don’t think I believe in coincidences, I think coincidences are actually opportunities being dangled in front of you, or signs your on the right track.

Have you ever had a moment like this? Do u listen to the hints, nudges and signs around you?
Do you allow yourself the time and headspace to notice these signs?
If not, stop, take a few deep breaths, and think about what has transpired over your day.
You may just find the answer you have been looking for.

Liz xx