It’s all a bit too much today

I’m feeling really blaaa today.

I’m tired and sore. I havent been looking after my body and respecting it like I should be. I have some frustrations (Nooo you sick little ladies, not of the sexual kind, minds out of the gutters! lol), and to be honest I’m so sad, annoyed and sick of the last 24-48hrs of news/media in this country that I’m taking a break from the news and news articles today.

Instead, to fuel my soul and fill it with goodness again I’m going to bake, play with my Girl and teach things to her and allow her to be a beautiful,innocent child and revel in that. I’m going to tidy and clean the apartment as I want to feel pride for the things I have. Today I shall drink from my most favourite teacup and share beautiful, happy and creative images and stories on social media so that others can possibly have a moment or two of goodness too….
Life is hard enough sometimes, and being an adult means that we have deal with life and all it’s atrocities and misfortunes at some point. But lets be honest, it’s hard.
We fill our day with our mobile devices and are online and plugged in 24/7, we know every detail of ever news story, good and bad, the second it happens. We fill the extra minutes of our day with trending apps and games and try to keep up with everyone and everything.
And that’s fun, I do it, but it’s not withstanding. You can’t keep it up all the time.
All of that extra stuff takes up space in our brains and in our hearts, and I for one often feel like its hard to fit anything else in sometimes and it means the important things get squeezed into our day, instead of taking centre stage and all our attention.

As Taylor Swift sings (and I often quote), It’s exhausting!

If you have read this, I’d love for you to share something on social media today that is inspiring, happy, something that makes your soul sing. It could be a picture, a quote, an article on someone who is amazing or talented, a recipe to your favourite food… Anything.

Let’s bring back the Joy!! The Goodness. #collectjoy!

(p.s Why yes, I do still have my dressing gown on, cause it’s cold in Melbourne, and it makes me feel good.)

Liz x TJC x