Arbonne – Making Mumprenuers

Recently I have noticed a new group of women on Facebook.

Ladies I’ve gone to school with, friends of friends, looking radiant in their photo uploads and spruiking how happy and motivated they are in their status updates, making extra money for their families in their own time and with a great company.

Have you seen them too?

They are Arbonne Independent Consultants and they are changing their lives one face and pamper session at a time.

Seeing this trend and wanting to find out what all the fuss was about and what this Arbonne company was, I emailed a school friend of mine who is shouting the Arbonne praises from the rooftops (rooftops=facebook status’s).

I must admit, due to the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true it usually is”, I had a very small doubtful part of me expecting to find some pyramid scheme and poor products.

How pleasantly surprised and wrong i was! I was so glad that very small part of me was wrong.

Below is a little info from Mel, my friend I emailed about Arbonne, with her story and why she chose Arbonne.

Hi, my name is Melanie Waring. I’m 28 years old, married to an amazing man and have 2 beautiful children, a  2 year old son and a 10 Month old daughter. Before my son was born in 2011 I worked in childcare and had done for 8 years. After having my son I decided to give up work to be a stay at home mummy to him. In 2012 my husband got offered an amazing job promotion with his company in a remote country  town, 4 hours from our family and friends. We decided it was too good of an opportunity for my husband and our little family to turn it down. So with a 17 month old, 37 weeks pregnant and 9 days to do it in, we moved across the state! It was a huge move but a great opportunity. 
 I found the move really hard and missed our family alot! Especially having 2 little kids and no help, as my husband works long hours. I met a few lovely ladies who have become my close friends and lifesavers at times! In February 2013 I saw on social media the success of my friend with her new Arbonne business. I was curious and contacted her for some information. After meeting with her and trying the amazing prestige products there was no way I could say no. So I started my own Arbonne business in March 2013. I kicked off my business straight away and had instant interest in the product and within 2 months I had promoted myself to District Manager.
Arbonne is a worldwide company who offer prestige range skincare and well being products. I was shocked to find out that 96% of the well known major skincare companies in the world have animal by products and dangerous chemicals in their products. All Arbonne products are botanically based, free of all nasty chemicals and contain no animal by products nor have they ever or will they ever test on animals.  Our well-being products are all gluten free and vegan. Our RE9 anti-ageing system has been clinically tested through independent testing and come out Number #1 in anti-ageing in the world!!
 Lots of people are choosing our internet-based career opportunity to be their own boss, work from home and create the freedom they have always wanted. Arbonne is the fastest-growing company in Direct Sales history in Australia. I love that I can work my own hours, as much or as I little as I want but still bring in an income and stay home with my babies, I have to best of both worlds!
This opportunity has changed my life in more ways than one! Being in a new town I was often feeling down and very, very lonely. Since starting Arbonne I have met so many amazing people! I am now able to help my husband support our family financially and the personal goals I have achieved in only 3 short months of being in the business is incredible!! I feel like a new woman and I am forever grateful to my friend for offering me such a life changing experience.  
If I had to pick my favourite Arbonne product to share with you all (I love them all!!) I would have to pick the RE9 Cellular Renewal Masque. Used once a week it will visibly improve skin tone and texture, minimises pores, and provides skin with an immediate, radiant glow. 
For more information visit my website
Or catch me on Facebook- Melanie Waring- Independant Arbonne Consultant
Or Feel free to contact me at –



                           (Mel and her babies. Aren’t all three of them gorgeous!?)

Mel was kind enough to send me a trial pack of some of the Arbonne skincare and makeup products and I’ve got to say, my skin has never had such a radiant, natural glow, with or without makeup on, And I’ve never noticed such a change in my own skin in such a short period of time.

It made me realise that the very simple skincare regime i was using, which only consisted of separate brands of a cleanser and moisturiser (and full of chemicals) where just not cutting it, especially after I had moved interstate from a humid climate to Melbourne where the air is much dryer, even on my oily/combination skin, which Ive always found so hard to manage. Plus, Im almost thirty (oh God!) and starting to notice the signs of aging, I needed to up the anti and help my skin.

I also have some skin and minor nerve damage to the inner corner of my left eye and underneath due to a long standing medical condition. So it looks like i have one really bad dark cirlce under one eye, and has caused my eye lid to be just a little bit lazy.

After a week of using the Arbonne products, which consisted of a Corrective Eye Cream, I noticed, for the first time, an improvement in the skin condition and colour under my eye, and the skin around both eyes was looking more hydrated and supple.

I was seriously stoked! Even my Husband noticed and commented on how my skin was looking. I was loving myself sick! I felt like my skin looked fresh every time I looked in the mirror.

Im totally hooked on the Arbonne skincare range and also loved trying the Primer and Foundations, which had a great range of skin tones. The Lipglosses were rich in colour and had a slightly thick, sticky consistancy which I found lasted well.

Arbonne have a range of skincare products for different skin types to suit your needs.

I also asked Mel about the natural comparison of the company to Avon, the other big name in Direct Sales. 

This is what she said,

“As soon as you explain it to people they say ‘oh like Avon/Tupperware etc.?’. Whilst similar in some ways, we are actually quite different. Arbonne is really promoted and run more like a business not just a hobby for the Consultants and I believe we have the opportunity to make alot more money. Arbonne is also top of the range prestige products. At area manager level (my next step) your business actually becomes willable aswell, which is awesome for our families.

There is so much growth potential in Arbonne too, both personally and in business and it offers full support and training. 

You become your own business owner and entruepenur and can work your own hours, you get to control it.”

So if your feeling like you need an update with your skincare pop over to Mel’s website (shown above) and check it out.

And whilst this may seem like a schmoozy paid blog post, I fugured If I was wondering about it, other people must be wondering what all the fuss was about too? And you wont know unless you ask.



Liz x TJC x