Blogging in The New World

I’ve been a bit quiet with my blog the last two weeks.

My apologies for that.

We have had a fairly pressing family matter and it’s consequences that has taken up the majority of my mental capacity lately (I’ll post about that at a later date, soon).

Also, because I’ve been blogging more, I’ve been researching it a little more too.
And I gotta say, it’s a little scary… I feel like If I really commit to this I don’t know what I’m getting myself in for, good or bad.

There can be some hurtful people out there who use the veil of the Internet to dish out their daily dose of hate, presumably just to get it off their own chest as it’s usually how they feel about themselves.
And I am thoughtful about how much I share of myself and my family. But when your blogging as a mum and wife (alongside my other interests) its a requirement to be a little over-sharey.

Internet trolls and judgement as a mother or wife do concern me.
I don’t know about other Mums but I’m my own worst critic and question myself every day, so I know I don’t need, and couldn’t deal with much more from anyone else.

But I’ve always been an open and pretty honest person and love having a chat and sharing my stories, and I’ve always loved to write, so blogging to me seems like a good fit.
It’s just an area that I will have to take each post at a time and be mindful the whole way through.

I feel like the blogging community could be really welcoming, yet also very judge-y. It is largely populated by women and being a woman myself (checks pants- yep), I know how clique-y and bitchy us ladies can get. And I’ve seen it on the Internet and Facebook as well.
Heck, I’ve even deleted and blocked someone (ok two people) from my personal Facebook account because of our…let’s say…differences?

But mostly I’m pretty happy, and very including and like others being happy and promoting openness and understanding and being creative.
So I’m hoping that shines through in this blog and my posts, and attracts the same.

I’m also really enjoying the rise in Daddy Bloggers, like Reservoir Dad and Dad Down Under, and Jason Good.
It’s nice getting a guys perspective on a side of society and life that is majorly a ‘woman’s domain’.

I hope you can follow me on my blogging journey, and please if you’ve read this or any of my other posts feel free to share with a friend, or many friends! And press follow.

Cause it’s all about sharing, right?

Liz x TJC x


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