Hallmark Expectations

It was Mothers Day on Sunday.
Such a lovely day…. Kind of…

I don’t know about you but after enjoying four Mothers Days now, I have decided that it’s actually not the greatest of days for a Mum, and am not enjoying the barrage of media, store sales, signage, rows and rows of cards in news agents and subsequent pressure it puts on Mums and families just for this one day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a cup of tea made for me and enjoyed whilst still in bed in my p.j’s, and the yummy food that I get to eat because of the usual luncheon that takes place on such a day.

But it kind of defeats the purpose of trying to raise a well balance child when trying to explain Mothers Day to a four year old you are using sentences like; “so Mothers Day is a day where it’s all about Mummies, and Im your Mummy so today is all about Me”, and “so today you have to be a really good girl for Mummy and not be naughty or loud etc etc”. But tomorrow go nuts and be your normal crazy, loud four year old self, but just not on Mothers Day.
Go figure.

We went out to lunch to a favourite cafe and it was super busy and packed, loud cause of all the families, and spent half my time telling Dino Girl not to be so loud, to speak with her inside voice (even though we were sitting in the outside area) and maybe she could choose something else on the menu other than a cheese toasty sandwich, which she had requested for breakfast too, and has every day cause it’s one of the only things she’ll eat right now (fussy faze, always happens when we have upheaval and change).


I figure every weekend day that I get to have both my Husband and my girl around me to spend the day with is Mothers Day. And there’s no stress or pressure for everyone to “be good”.

Since moving to Melbourne, DinoGirl hasn’t been to daycare (today is her first day of new kindy actually!) and it’s been me and her all day everyday.
Which has been great.
But as any parent knows, you need some alone time, some time to sip a cuppa in peace, some time to not have ABC2forKids playing in the background, and your head, all day.

So as an extra Mothers Day treat to me, husband took DG across to the beach for an hour and a half.
She got to play with some other little girls that were there and he wore her out running along the beach, so she was asleep earlier than normal that night, which meant we got to sit up, alone, drinking wine, watch a shoot ’em up movie, Expendables 2, in our p.j’s and giggle together at the ridiculous awesomeness of it, and the fact we had a few hours alone together, and the kid was getting a good, long nights sleep.

So my Mothers Day ended up turning out pretty great. And it looks like I’ll have another ‘Mothers Day’ this weekend too. Yay!

Liz x TJC x





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