A lovely little surprise

Whilst still in my pyjamas a few mornings ago (the ugly pygama’s too, when its just some ratty old greyish white singlet with a pair of house trackpants, and by ‘house’ trackpants I mean the kind that should only ever be worn inside your house, not the cool kind you wear outside and look hip.) there was a swift knock at the door. I hurried to find a bra to whack on underneath the grayish white singlet but with two more hurried knocks it appeared that whoever was at the door wasn’t going to hang around long enough to notice I had no bra on.
So I open the door (hugging myself so as to not offend or shock anyone with a possible sighting of my boobs) and there’s a huge box sitting in front of me and a smiley delivery driver. I quickly signed the electronic device and relinquished the guy back to the other million deliveries he probably had that day.

Well hat do we have here.
I see the senders name on the box, it’s from my Sister In Law.

I yank the box inside and DinoGirl and I get to work on ripping it open.
I thought it would be a gift for DG as it was her birthday about two weeks earlier.

But to my SAHM delight, it was a brand spankin’ new Sunbeam Slow Cooker .

We already had a slow cooker, but it was a very cheap one, that was fine, but not great, I always had to use the High setting and it would still take a good 4 hours if not longer. After one attempt using the Low setting which was meant to be the all day setting, after a couple of hours the pot and contents was luke warm, so who knows, dinner probably would have been ready next week.

I was pretty stunned to receive something as big and as heavy as a slow cooker in the post, it would have cost a fortune in postage!
My SIL said it was a house warming present to help keep us warm throughout the cold Melbourne winter and ofcourse I was pretty happy to have a shiny new slow cooker, which works a treat. Ive obviously been slow cooking it up quite a lot lately and thought I’d share my fave recipes.

We love using the MasterFoods Beef and Red Wine casserole recipe base to make a hearty, tomato-ey stew.

Also the Master Foods Lamb Shank slow cooker base is a fave too, which we serve on a bed of creamy mash potato. A glass of red first go astray either.

We have also tried a rough, slap up, throw together chicken drumstick stew too, served over rice, that was delicious, if I do say so yourself.
We also do a Tuscan meatballs in there too. The sauce and meatballs get so much more flavour from slow cooking.

What are your favourite recipes?
I’m on the hunt for new and interesting ones, so if you have any, please share!!

Liz x TJC x


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