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I just stumbled across this blog post by Pink Briefcase in my reading list and it’s punched a nerve in me. It’s about how she will be guest blogging about “othering”, about the way we speak about “other” community groups, like tr poor, the people on the bad side of town, the not so nice parts of our works and community ad how we speak about, represent and treat them.
Ive had a little bit to deal with this recently, actually I think we all deal with this in some way in our every day lives. But coming from a small country town, this hits a nerve for me.
So stay tuned for some more posts by myself and Pink Brief case about this.
I’m usually all about pretty pictures and fashion, but I also really want this blog to be a creative and free outlet for me and my writing too.

Liz x


I have something exciting to share! If you’ll remember way back to my “What I learned” post in early December, I committed to a few goals for this space and for myself as a writer. It’s taken a little time, but I’ve hit one of those goals in a big way: I’ve engaged with an online community about something I care deeply about, and as a result I’ve written a guest post on the topic which is posted on a “real” blog. An issues blog, the kind of blog that is deep and moving and serious and the kind of things I want to write about when I “grow up” as a writer.

Seriously, I am so pumped about this and I would love for you to click this link to read it! The series is entitled “Questions of Travel,” and it’s a collection of experts who have gone into…

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3 thoughts on “Reblogged from Pink Briefcase

  1. I think those of us from small towns — or just any size towns where we spend a lot of our time with people just like us — can fall into this trap! But what’s even harder for me is when people who want to help don’t see the current value of those they are helping. Not who they will be after they are cleaned up and educated and like you, but where they are right now. I’m beginning to think that if you can’t see the beauty of a community, and if you haven’t walked a few miles in someone else’s shoes, you don’t have any business telling them how to live. I’m not sure that I would support that in all circumstances yet — there seems to always be an exception, doesn’t there? — but it might be pretty close.

    Thanks for engaging with these issues — they are so important and I think talking about it makes us all better friends to each other. Cheers!

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