The Universe would appear to be talking back to us

Well, since my last post, below, about body surfing into the New Year, it would appear my little family and I are on the backward tidal surge of a wave and are getting sucked up towards the crest of that wave!

Husband had applied for three jobs around the end of 2012/beginning 2013.
Husband heard interest back from all three.
Had two interviews, one for one job here in Brisbane, one for one job in Melbourne.
Husband got the job here in Brisbane, at SouthBank actually. Yay! resigns from current job and gives two weeks notice.
Few days later, Husband hears back from Melbourne job, they like him, want to interview again, they can’t pick between him and one other person, who’s only real advantage was he already lived in Melbourne.

Husband gets job in Melbourne.

Sorry, What?

Yup, Husband, oh clever lad, gets job in Melbourne. Starts on the 18th of February. Yup, in just over two weeks time!
It’s a pretty big pay jump, it’s also a pretty huge move for us!
So this little family will be packing up and high tailing it to old Melbourne town! Ive been there once, for three days, last year, at a work conference. Huzzah!

I’m all mixed up with emotions and I’d say it’ll take me till Christmas or longer to really get all my emotions sorted out!
I know it will be a roller coaster of a year! But that’s why we’re here isn’t it? To ride that roller coaster? I think so.

I’m both sad and excited, and proud and scared and dumbfounded and don’t know where to start first.
All I know is I’m going to ride this baby all the way to Chadstone and Chapel St!

I’ll be posting all the adventures here, on my Facebook page and on my instagram, my handle is #elizabeth_joy_

Peace and love!

Liz x TJC x


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